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Please be aware of menu allergens below

Name MilkMilkEggsEggsSoybeansSoybeansGlutenGlutenNutsNutsPeanutsPeanutsSulphur DioxideSulphur DioxideLupinLupinCeleryCeleryMustardMustardSesame SeedsSesame SeedsFishFishMolluscsMolluscsCrustaceansCrustaceans
Sgt Bee Sting 10"
BBQ Chicken 10"
Margherita 10"
Sgt Pepperoni 10"
American Hot 10"
Hawaiian 10"
Garlic Pizza Bread - van
Korean Beef 10"
Meat Feast 10"
Mighty Duck 10"
Five a Day 10"
Garden of Vegan 10"
Ham and Mushroom 10"
Early Bird 10"
Cheesy Marmite Garlic Pizza Bread
Camembert Garlic Bread
Garlic Pizza Bread
BBQ Chicken 9"
Meat Feast 9"
Full House 9"
Carnivore 9"
Vegan Margherita 9"
Ham & Mushroom 9"
Hawaiian 9"
Sgt Pepproni 9"
American Hot 9"
Anchovy 9"
Margherita 9"
Mighty duck 9"
Korean beef 9"
Sgt. Bee Sting 9"
Nduja Blue 9"
Philly Cheese 9"
Royale 9" - Supports Cool Earth(May Contain)
VegaNoDuja 9"
Gruffalo 9"(May Contain)
Five a Day 9"
Chicken Carbonara 9"
Four Cheese 9"
Garden of Vegan 9"
Vegan Margherita 12"
BBQ Chicken 12"
Meat Feast 12"
Full House 12"
VegaNoDuja 12"
Carnivore 12"
Chicken Carbonara 12"
Anchovy 12"
Margherita 12"
Ham & Mushroom 12"
Hawaiian 12"
Sgt Pepproni 12"
American Hot 12"
Nduja Blue 12"
Sgt. Bee Sting 12"
Philly Cheese 12"
Festive Special - Pigs in Blankets
Mighty Duck 12"
Korean beef 12"
Gruffalo 12"(May Contain)
Five a Day 12"
Four Cheese 12"
Royale 12" - Supports Cool Earth(May Contain)
Garden of Vegan 12"
Dr Pepper 330ml Can
San Pellegrino lemon 330ml Can
Sprite 330ml Can
Fanta 330ml Can
Diet Coke 330ml Can
Coca-cola 330ml Can
San Pellegrino lemon 330ml Can - COPY
Cheesy Doughballs
Vegan Cheesy Doughballs
Pepperoni Doughballs
Ham Doughballs
Camembert Gourmet Doughballs
Chilli Doughballs
Garlic Pizza Bread
Cheese & Caramelised Onion Garlic Pizza Bread
Cheesy Vegan Garlic Bread
Cheesy Marmite Garlic Bread
Halloumi Fries
Southern Fried Chicken Tenders
Vegan Fried Chick N Strips
Buffalo Chicken wings(May Contain)(May Contain)
Seasoned potato wedges
Buffalo Hot Sauce Dip
Garlic & Herb Dip
Sriracha mayo(May Contain)
Sweet Chilli Dip(May Contain)(May Contain)(May Contain)
BBQ dip
Cinnamon Doughballs
Baked Cookie Dough Sharer
Oreo Ice Cream
Candy Floss Gelato
Amarena Cherry & Mascarpone Ice Cream
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream
Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Kinder Bueno Ice Cream
Coca-cola 330ml Can
Diet Coke 330ml Can
Cherry Coke 330ml Can
Fanta 330ml Can
Coca-cola ZERO 330ml Can
Sprite 330ml Can
Apple Juice 200ml Carton
San Pellegrino lemon 330ml Can
Orange Juice 200ml Carton
Dr Pepper 330ml Can
Rio 330ml Can