The Real Pizza Company

Established in 2012, we started making wood fired pizzas for small villages using our bespoke mobile pizza trailer. Over the years we have evolved our pizzas and techniques to supply an ever-growing demand for good quality food in the local area. We now have 5 shops and a mobile pizza kitchen for weddings and events. We strive to make the best craft pizzas and we are proud to offer the finest ingredients, artisanal preparation, and the best service because we love what we do, and our customers love it to.

We value your feedback so we can keep serving you as best we can. feel free to email us at hello@therealpizzacompany.co.uk

Wood Fired Pizzas with Fresh Ingredients in Copthorne, East Grinstead, Horley
Delicious Pepperoni Pizzas with local ingredients
Tasty Chicken Wings, Strips and Delicious Potato Wedges and much more


Real Quality, Real Value, Real Pizza

Our dough is made from Canta Napoli flour type 00 which is imported from Italy, mixed and hand rolled in our shop. It is left to prove slowly for a minimum of 48 hours. The slow rise and blast cooking in the wood fired oven locks in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture, giving a soft chewy crust.

Some of our products..